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Member of Yoga Alliance

Member of Yoga Alliance

Member of Yoga Alliance


Member of Yoga Alliance

Member of Yoga Alliance

Fully Qualified Hatha & 

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher 

About me

  I first became interested in yoga as a way to bring peace and calmness into my busy life. Through posture work, breathing exercises and relaxation over time I found real balance and inner peace in my body and mind.   I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and have seen huge benefits in muscle strength, flexibility and a calmer, quieter mind. After completing a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course I trained and qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher in 2016. In 2017 I decided to follow my dream and left my corporate job to concentrate on teaching yoga and continue my journey to learn and share with others. In 2018 I qualified to teach pregnancy yoga and now offer a range of classes to share yoga with "everybody". 

I have completed many additional courses covering the following:  

Yoga for Mental Health 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Yin Yoga 

Yoga for Back care Hip Openers

Bhanda’s and Mudra’s   

The style of yoga I am passionate about and teach is one of "movement & breath" with a focus on building body strength, mobility and flexibility to physically and mentally live the best life you can.  Incorporating breath work and relaxation techniques into every session, the classes are open to all and especially beneficial to those looking for a slower paced, gentle & therapeutic yoga class.  If you have mobility issues there are chair yoga sessions available and pregnancy yoga for mums to be from 13 weeks. 

As a grandma I look at the way my young grandchildren move, there's no tightness or rigid movements, they move with complete ease. They are strong, mobile, flexible and most of the time completely relaxed. Over time with life changes our body and mind, some factors are lifestyle, sports, the jobs we take, health conditions and life stresses, they can all play a big part in what we hold in our physical body and mind. I encourage individuals to move in a way that suits their body and to bring a deeper connection to what is going on in their physical body, their breath and their mind.